Course Information

The certificate is normally awarded after two years’ study, with a maximum of five years’ to complete from the start of the first module (only exceptional pastoral reasons are acceptable for studying beyond five years). Without a good reason for exemption the modules will cease to be valid. The five year period starts from when you first start your studies with the centre and not from when you are registered with the National CCRS Database. If you dispute the maximum five years’ study with the centre they will need to have any extension of study agreed with the CCRS Regional group first.

There are eight modules:
six core modules (Old Testament, New Testament, Church, Christology, Sacraments and Morality)
two specialist elective modules

The core modules explore the Scriptures, the Person of Jesus Christ, the Church and its sacramental life and moral understanding.

The specialist modules relate to each participant’s ministry in the Church, covering such areas as Religious Education in schools, Parish Catechesis, Liturgy, Justice and Peace.  Other modules of a practical nature for teachers, for catechists, for youth workers, for liturgists are available.

Each module requires:
ten hours’ contact time
an assignment of 1500 words of equivalent.

The Course is offered in all five Catholic Colleges of Higher Education and at centres in every diocese in England and Wales.