Course Modules

Course Modules

Core Module 1: The Bible - Old Testament

Introduce participants to the writings in the Old Testament in order to help them to recognise God’s revelation contained there and it’s continuing relevance in Christian life today.

Core Module 2: The Bible - New Testament

Familiarise participants with the process through which the New Testament writings came into being and to help them interpret the material presented and understand its significance for the life of a Christian today.

Core Module 3: Jesus Christ

Deepen participants’ awareness of the significance and centrality of the person and work of Jesus Christ in the daily life of the Christian as well as in the worship of the Church.

Core Module 4: The Church

To reflect on the nature of the Church and its mission in the world today.

Core Module 5: Sacraments

Understanding and appreciation of Sacrament in the life of Catholics as a sign of Christ’s continuing presence with the Church.

Core Module 6: Christian Morality

Develop the skills of moral decision-making, to examine Christian teaching in its relation to the universal search for what constitutes “human good”, and to explore the application of Christian understanding to some contemporary moral issues.

Specialist Module 7 and 8:

The two specialist modules differ from centre to centre; please contact the centre where you would like to study the CCRS course to find out the specialist modules on offer.